Ba Khan: Hidden Beauty

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Ha Long Bay is known for its incredible natural beauty. Ba Khan possesses the same charm, but in a smaller version, and hidden among the mountains and fog.

Ba Khan is located along the Da River and below the Thung Khe Mountain Pass. It has a perimeter of more than 20 kilometres and is the essence of untouched beauty lying under a bed of clouds, in harmony with the thick fog and hugged by the majestic mountain range. Its landscape is a picture-perfect image of small lovely ponds naturally decorated with stones and water lilies; thick green forests and a beautiful waterfall.  

Aside from its picturesque beauty, Ba Khan is also a community composed of several villages: Khan Ha, Khan Ho and Khan Thuong. It is part of Mai Chau Commune of Hoa Binh Province. Mai Chau is the centre of tourism in the province which made Ba Khan seemed to have been neglected. But this is actually to the delight to the residents and seasoned travellers to Ba Khan who prefer to keep the place a secret from the outside world in order to maintain its pure state, untouched by human hands. Only the really passionate ones will dare journey and personally witness the beauty of Ba Khan for themselves.

Recently, a number of family-run businesses sprung and set up some activities that tourists can enjoy while at Ba Khan. This includes kayaking in the Da River and boat-riding for a day or two. A 10-kilometre strip of bamboo bushes and tiny houses are a free treat to the visitors.

Anytime of the year is ideal to visit Ba Kahn, but if one wants to gaze at how the water in the Da River turns deep blue and the bamboo bushes wonderfully shed off their leaves, autumn is the perfect time. If one is after the spectacular golden sight of the rice fields and the unique, addictive smell of harvest, summer is the best time to come.

Whatever time of the year one decides to visit Ba Khan though, he or she is guaranteed of a breathtaking, unforgettable view that only nature can offer.