Quan An Ngon Restaurant

"Ngon" in Vietnamese means 'delicious'. This restaurants lives up to its name. Quan An Ngon looks reminiscent of an open-air French villa and has nice indoor and courtyard seating. It serves a wide variety of delicious typical Vietnamese food at great prices and many of the patrons are locals. The restaurant is nicely decorated with banana trees, wooden tables & chairs and some red lanterns. You can watch how the food is cooked and let good smells spreading out from big pots at open-air kitchens stimulate your gastric juice before eating. This place is interesting not only because of nice setting and excellent food but also the way you are served. If you are foreigners and do not have a Vietnamese friend to show you how to choose and eat Vietnamese food, waiters/waitresses here will help you with smiles. The place is very popular for both lunch and dinner.

Main course item: 15000 VND - 30000 VND.