What is OSCOS ?

OSCOS is short for: One-Stop Conference Organization Support, and is our all-in-one solution for your individual scientific conference or company event in Vietnam.

Organizing a conference usually is a time-consuming and complex process, encompassing several stops you have to take, negotiating with different companies including:

  • extensive communication (telephone, email, etc)
  • setup for call-for-papers, conference announcement, paper submission process, etc
  • special arrangements for conference venues and delegate accommodations, special hotel rates, ...
  • catering, coffee breaks, conference luncheon, gala dinners, ...
  • caretaking of invited guests, invited speakers, ...
  • payments in Vietnam and from outside Vietnam

With OSCOS there is just ONE stop for you. We got it all covered. Our team will guide you through the entire process.

Conferences organized by Vietnam.com

ICCE 2014

The fifth International Conference on Communications and Electronics

Da Nang, Vietnam

(Official Organizer)


ICCE 2012

The fourth International Conference on Communications and Electronics

Hue, Vietnam

(Official Organizer)


Our Service Portfolio

Our service portfolio covers the following aspects:

Web Hosting

Does your conference have a web presence?

We can support you with secure web hosting. With servers being located either in Europe or the US, your attendees will get fast and reliable access to the conference web site, world-wide.

Due to our academic background of board members of Vietnam.com we can also guide you through the process of publication, if needed. Our staff can help you with setting up conference solutions like EASYCHAIR, EDAS that will simplify paper submission management. We also provide assistance for indexing services such as IEEE Explorer.

Hotel Negotiations

As Vietnam.com is specialized on hotel booking in Vietnam, with a sales team located in Vietnam, we can take care of on-site direct quote negotiations with the hotels covering:

  • Accommodation
  • Conference Facilities
  • Conference Tours and Post Conference Tours Arrangements

Our staff will negotiate for you the best quote in different hotel categories offering flexible cancellation policies to your attendees. At the end, we will present you a package offer that will best fit your needs and your budget.

Online Registration

Conference delegates can use our online registration process. Our software also allows a convenient and flexible visitor management, so that you can always keep track of your attendees' current status and contact them, if necessary.

Once your attendees have registered, they can continue with hotel room booking or pre/post-conference tour booking right away.


Our payment management covers setting up a reliable credit card payment gateway as well as international bank transfers, in order to grant your attendees world-wide secure payment.

For attendees inside Vietnam we also support issuing legal 'red invoices' for tax purposes, if necessary.




At the conference, our staff will be present on-site at the conference venue with a booth and provides help in:

  • registering your delegates and attendees on-site,
  • handling pending payment and invoice management,
  • distribution of materials (such as brochures, badges etc.),
  • handling VIP attendees and keynote speakers,
  • any further needs and wishes your attendees might have

Facility Arrangement

Looking for a room?

Our staff will also arrange room scheduling and put up signposts at the conference venue, so that your attendees will always find events such as workshops, seminars and talks within in the different sessions and conference tracks.

If technical assistance is required, we also offer support with setting up any equipment that is needed for your attendees' presentations in no time.


Need a coffee break?

Our service also includes the organization of catering for your event. At the coffee break, your attendees will get the chance to discuss with colleagues, socialize or just relax and prepare for the next session. Furthermore, a gala dinner in the evening might be the perfect opportunity for them to establish new business contacts as well as socializing and relaxing after a long conference day.

Travel Information

If your attendees intend to learn more about Vietnam and its culture, we will provide them with additional travel information and advice on where to spend their leisure time at our Vietnam.com booth. There, your attendees can also book guided tours, sight-seeing and social events after the conference and learn more about the wonderful cultural history of Vietnam.