July 25th, 2015


Despite the rising tension in the East Sea, many Vietnamese are in fact deciding to visit the area's beaches and islands to spend their vacation to show their love and prove their loyalty to their homeland.



July 20th, 2015


Vietnam has earned “World Image” status in not one, but two of its ancient documents by no lesser than UNESCO. The ancient documents that received such an important status are the wood block prints from the Nguyen Dynasty and the doctoral steles from the Le Ma Dynasty. The former...


July 15th, 2015


Located between the East and West regions and one of the busiest cities in Cochin before, Hoi An is a mix of different cultures. As such, the food is equally varied.


July 10th, 2015


Chau Giang is a rich community of ethnic Cham, Khmer and Vietnamese located directly across the river from downtown Chau Doc. And for tourists who love the culture, this is a place definitely worth visiting.



July 5th, 2015


Aboard a strange foam watercraft , 29-year old Remi Camus has completed his 4,400 kilometer swim across the Mekong River aimed to raise awareness on the alarming conditions of the now murky, polluted river.