June 30th, 2015


Phu Yen is an unassuming coastal province in the South Central Coast of Vietnam located at the easternmost part of the country’s mainland. It is bordered by two other provinces: Binh Dinh Province to the North, and Khanh Hoa Province to the South. But despite its simplicity and...


June 25th, 2015


Kon Tum is the capital town of Kon Tum Province in Vietnam. It is located inland in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam, near the borders of Laos and Cambodia. If there’s one thing that puts the place in the international map of tourism, it is its Roman Catholic wooden...


June 20th, 2015


Its stunning terrace rice fields and interesting ethnic minority groups have earned its place in the international world of tourism, but Mu Cang Chai offers even more, making it one of the most visited places today.


June 15th, 2015


If you’re an adventure seeker, this may just be on your top list this year. The Phong Nha-Ke Bang Cave Center in Central Vietnam just opened a 400-meter zip line that goes straight to the Toi Cave.


June 10th, 2015


Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park is a favourite tourist destination because of its rich flora and fauna. But perhaps most of all, because this is where the legendary Thien Thai Waterfalls can be found, most popularly known as the dwelling of the God of Water, or even the “Country of...


June 5th, 2015


Blessed with natural beauty, Bay Nui or That Son is also rich in history and culture. That is why through the years, the place has become a favourite destination for both local and foreign tourists.