January 31st, 2015


By November of this year, Princess Cruises will embark on a new, extensive itinerary to connect Southeast Asian countries, and this includes Vietnam in its fresh choices of cruise trips. Princess Cruises is a global cruise line brand under Carnival Corporation & Plc.



January 29th, 2015


Tay Nguyen or the Central Highlands is known as an enchanting place to visit because of its untouched beauty and rich culture. It is home to ancient forests, breathtaking waterfalls and 44 local ethnic groups, just to name a few of its natural attractions.



January 27th, 2015


GrabTaxi and Easy Taxi, two of the top taxi booking app providers, just inaugurated their services in HCMC last week. This enables passengers to take the nearest cab by simply activating the app/s on their smart phones instead of calling to the switchboard, making the whole...


January 25th, 2015


After Brazil, Vietnam tags behind as the next largest exporter of coffee. The country’s coffee industry brings in $3 billion in revenues annually and has provided jobs to around 2.6 million people.

French colonists first introduced coffee to Vietnam in the 19th century and has...


January 23rd, 2015


Weasel coffee, or cà phê chồn for the local Vietnamese, is a unique type of coffee which unlike other types of coffee, are produced in quite an interesting way. This strong, rich-tasting brew is actually made from undigested coffee beans picked from civet cat stool.


January 21st, 2015


While the mobile apps industry has been running like the wind over the last few years, Vietnam now learns how to walk by toddling.


January 19th, 2015


Princess Cruises, a global cruise line brand under Carnival Corporation & Plc, will launch a wide selection of itineraries connecting Southeast Asian nations, including Vietnam, in a new season of cruise trips starting from November this year.


January 17th, 2015


Vietnamese and foreign scientists have announced their discoveries of a new species of orchid in Ninh Thuan, a new species of frog in Kon Tum and a new species of cicada in Lao Cai.


January 15th, 2015


Twenty ancient mango trees of over 220 years old in the central province of Phu Yen have been named the heritage trees of Vietnam.





January 13th, 2015


While the majority of businesses are thirsty for capital to maintain their production, the remaining weep because they have too much excess money.


It is estimated that tens of trillions of dong have been kept in businesses’ coffers, while hundreds of trillions of dong still...