April 29th, 2014


No doubt Vietnam cuisine is among the best not only in Asia, but across the globe. Vietnam has its own way of making their food a lot more memorable to dine on. The selectiveness of spices involved in its preparation is one important factor that brings out its complex flavors.



April 27th, 2014


Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, 5km from Sai Gon Station and 7km from Tan Son Nhat and near many famous cultural and tourist sites and trade centres like Ho Chi Minh City Theatre, Reunion Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh Market and Vincom Centre, Rex Hotel is one...


April 27th, 2014


Duong Dong Town is famous both for its sunrise and sunset. While Phu Quoc Island in Kien Giang Province is famous for its picturesque sunset, Ham Ninh Fishing Village is the place to be if you want to witness perhaps the most breathtaking sunrise you'll ever experience.



April 27th, 2014


We decided to conquer Doi Cape, the easternmost point of the country, on Hon Gom Peninsula in Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province last weekend when our group argued that Dien Cape in Phu Yen Province is not the easternmost point we had visited earlier.


April 25th, 2014


Recognized as the 12th biggest national park in Vietnam covering over 15,000 hectares or about 84 percent of forest area in the whole country, Xuan Son National Park is a beautiful fusion of diverse ecosystems, pure natural beauty and authentic cultural groups.


April 23rd, 2014


The scenic province of Ninh Binh, located just over 100km south of Hanoi, will soon be a popular choice among many visitors coming to Vietnam.


April 22nd, 2014


April 29 to May 4 is a Sapa Tourism week set aside to celebrate everything about the traditional culture of ethnic minority groups from the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai.


A wide array of festivities, including traditional music and dance performances and folk games...


April 21st, 2014


Vietnam’s public markets are among the most bustling scenes tourists would witness when visiting the country.


April 20th, 2014


Vietnamese software exporters are expecting a future of bountiful opportunities in Japan, the US, Singapore, and Europe.


April 19th, 2014


Located on the Kon Tum Plateau, the biological tourist site Kon Ka Kinh National Park provides safe habitat to around 1,000 gray-shanked douc langurs (pygathrix cinerea).