Saigon animated with dragon-unicorn dances

Unicorn and dragon dance performed by the Lan Nghia Duong troupe

VietNamNet Bridge – In the early New Year, ${bigcity_Ho_Chi_Minh_City:”Ho Chi Minh City”} is still partying to the sound of drums and cymbals – this time from the dragon and unicorn dancing troupes.

Most of the dragon and unicorn troupes are run by Chinese Vietnamese and they travel the streets to perform. Duong Phuoc, the leader of the Lien Nghia Duong troupe in Ward 14, District 11, said that dancers have to practice for at least three years. “This job requires martial art skills and dancers have to start training when they are kids. But we doesn’t earn much money from it,” Phuoc said.

“It is normal to break your leg or your arm during practice,” said a member of the Lien Nghia Duong troupe.

“Everybody wishes good luck in the New Year. So far, dragons and unicorns are symbols of strength and luck so that is why we perform the dances,” Toan, a member of the troupe said.

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Dragon & Unicorn Dance

Darlene Taylor 2010-06-30

I wish I could see this Dance. The pictures of the Dragon and Unicorn are very beautiful. It would be really nice if you could ad a video. Thank you for the lovely pictures.