Red Shanked Douc Langur: APEC 2017 Mascot in Danang City

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In relation to being selected as the host for APEC 2017, Danang City chose the endangered red-shanked douc langur as the mascot for the momentous event.


The decision was a wise one in order to raise awareness, both locally and internationally, on the sensitive condition of the amazing creatures. The red-shanked douc langur is listed in the Vietnam Red Book and in the International Union for Conservation of Nature as “a critically endangered species with unlimited protection. There are only 530 red-shanked douc langurs today which live and are protected in the Son Tra Nature Reserve, a place which is rich in biodiversity and therefore highly suitable for such rare animals. There are also other 287 species of animals, 106 species of birds, and 15 rare wild animals at the reserve.


The red-shanked douc langur has five colours, giving it an even more spectacular effect aside from its already elusive status. It always goes in groups, commonly its family, and inhabits in trees. It feeds on a wide variety of fruits and plants including figs and banyan leaves. It has been dubbed by the International Wildlife Protection Organization as the “Queen of the Primates” because of its one-of-a-kind beauty.  


In preparation for the summit, the municipal Party’s committee assigned the Department of Culture and Sports the important responsibility of advertising the beautiful creature, along with drawing consciousness for the red-shanked douc langur in general.