Quang Ninh Signs Up With Lao and Thai Partners to Boost Tourism

Image by https://www.talkvietnam.com

On June 22, 2016, the Quang Ninh Province of Vietnam officially partnered with the Luang Prabang Province of Lao and Udon Thani Province of Thai for a tourism development project which covers 2016-2017 period. This is the third time that the provinces have signed a cooperation agreement to boost their tourism department.


Since 2006, the three provinces have established the World Heritage Triangle project with the purpose of promoting their UNESCO-recognized world heritage sites as One Destination. The third meeting was held in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province wherein each province was given a chance to provide and share each of their plans to create effective and long-term tourism goals, to continually increase the number of tourist entry into the province especially in the heritage triangle of Ha Long Bay – Luang Prabang  - Ban Chiang areas.


The special gathering also conducted other tourism tools like education and trainings, as exemplified in fairs, festivals, exhibitions, cultural performances, sports events, programs and other activities which boost the overall tourism atmosphere of the place. Television exposures will also be made to further promote the area.


So far, the meeting has earned extra positive results. Since 2015, visitors to all the three provinces have significantly increased. 7.7 million visitors entered Quang Ninh Province last year, with 2.6 million of it foreign tourists. Luang Prabang welcomed 600,000 visitors, 400,000 of them from countries all over the world. Udon Thani on the other hand attracted 3.2 million guests during that period, 140,000 of them international.


In the first six months of this year, almost 6 million tourists visited Quang Ninh Province. 1.9 million of the total number were foreign tourists. It’s no doubt then that the meeting has helped improve the tourism sector of the three provinces, providing endless possibilities to entice more visitors and create more beautiful, sensible and truly long-lasting tourism sites.