Ngoi Village Pottery: Vietnamese Culture on Ceramic

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Ngoi Village has been into pottery since centuries ago, but it wasn’t only until recently that it got recognized in the world market. Today, it supplies to many construction companies all over Vietnam and is being exported to Japan, India, Egypt and Europe, among others.


The craft started in Bac Giang Province, particularly in the villages in the banks of Cau River of the Red River Delta Region: Tho Ha and Ngoi. Quang Minh also produces world-class pottery products. All of their works highlight folk and rural culture design.


Bat Trang Pottery is identified by paint and colours, Phu Lang polished with enamel. The pottery at Ngoi Village is a relatively new brand, but can be said to be a cut above the veteran names because of its simple but one-of-a-kind style. Their products are made of brown ceramic material and have a signature rough surface, embossed pattern, folk design, Vietnamese villages and national characters. Ngoi pottery stands out from above the rest because of its content which always features elements of Vietnamese culture such as artistic vases; garden light; bricks decorated with lotus, taro leaves, rice leaves or brocatelle; and the characters Chi Pheo, Thi No and  Lao Hac. Ngoi pottery is also characterized by large, wall-sized paintings which clearly show its pride for its culture.


Ngoi pottery has been featured in hundreds of international trade fairs and exhibitions. It was displayed at the “APEC Image and Vietnamese Cultural Heritage” exhibition in 2007 and hailed as a “quintessence of handicraft villages” by the Vietnam Association of Handicraft Villages.


With its unique, world-class quality and truly amazing work of art, it deserves its place in the international ceramic market and hope to last for many more centuries to show to the world the beauty of Vietnamese culture.