‘Kong: Skull Island’ Movie Highlights Vietnam

Image by: http://collider.com/kong-skull-island-image-tom-hiddleston/

For the first time after a long while, an American film company once again visits Vietnam to shoot some scenes in one of its many breathtaking sights. The upcoming movie ‘Kong: Skull Island’ have chosen a lake in Phong Nha in the North Central province of Quang Binh because of its untouched, truly incredible beauty.


The town of Phong Nha is a tiny community with only 1,000 residents. The lake which was discovered by the movie production staff has always been used just for irrigation, something which even the local residents haven’t really given much thought of, much less even heard about it. Only a number, if any, of foreign tourists are known to have visited the area. But ever since the film crew arrived, the place suddenly burst into life, bringing in throngs of people everyday. As such, certain countermeasures had to be observed in order to ensure the security of the set and integrity of the place as a whole. 


Security for one, is definitely tight. There are three security checkpoints in the set: one at 1,000 metres; the other at 400 metres; and the last at 100 metres from the scene. Newspaper reporters and other media were only allowed as long as they didn’t carry or use their recording devices. Spectators who took pictures or videos of the filming process using their mobile phones were confronted by guards who erased all clippings. Even a local official was not spared as he was stopped one kilometre from the scene. The movie costs hundreds of millions of dollars and any leak before it came out would jeopardize the film, losing a lot of money for the producers.     


The professionalism displayed by the American film company also greatly impressed the Vietnamese. Schedule was followed to the dot. Even rain didn’t stop the crew from filming. The actors simply wore raincoats while the equipment was covered with plastic sheets. Tools and everything needed for the set were complete, state-of-the-art and meticulously placed in dozens of mini-trucks. The costumes come in three big trucks which were even equipped with washing machines. Two trucks carried the make up, while one was reserved for hairdressing. Three other big trucks were stuffed with water, food and fuel. Even an ambulance is always ready in case of accidents and other emergencies during filming. Moreover, each staff member is serious about his or her job, dutifully fulfilling his or her responsibility no matter how big or small his or her position is in the movie process.


In return, the American film crew was amazed upon tasting local, authentic Vietnamese cuisine. And of course, they couldn’t get over the mesmerizing beauty of the place which brought them to the Vietnam in the first place.   


The movie is about a group of thrill seekers who travelled to a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean known for its spectacular beauty. But their adventure quickly turned into bad luck and even terror as they found out that the place is where the mythical King Kong lives. It stars some of the most top-billing actors today such as Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson. It will be shown on March of this year 2017. It is produced by Legendary Pictures and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.