Hanoi Opera House to Conduct Tours Starting on June 1

Image by: http://www.hanoioperahouse.org.vn/

Since it opened in 1901, the Hanoi Opera House has been known all over the world for its exceptional French architecture and first-class music.

The Hanoi Opera House was built in the same design as the Palais Garnier concert hall in Paris, thus its elegance and superiority. And for about 300 days a year, its scheduled is filled to perform its elite music to audience who come from different parts of the globe.

But beyond the show on stage, there is so much to know about the opera house such as its rich history and fascinating architecture. Because of this, tours will be available beginning June 1, 2017 to give people an inside look on what goes on in the opera behind the curtains.

Standard tours are conducted in English and Vietnamese. For other languages such as Italian, French, Russian and Japanese, bookings have to be made in advance. But for individual tours, they can just go to the opera house at least 15 minutes before the scheduled tour.

The Hanoi Opera House has a website which contains the full information including contact details, tour schedules and other important data: hanoioperahouse.org.vn/.