Fishing Pleasure in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Island is known to tourists for its impressive landscape, tempting waters and spectacular sunsets. Couples, lone-travelers or even groups who come to explore the island look forward to sit back and relax near end of the day to witness the breathtaking sunset.

Tour operators organized fishing tours to allow visitors to have a more exciting and meaningful way to experience the sunset. The island is well known for its high-quality fish sauce, and thus, abundant fish supply. Though many sign up for daytime fishing tours, many tourists agree that the evening tours offer a different kind of encounter. This type of tour teach foreigners some of the traditional fishing techniques and acquaint them to some of the top local fishing spots. However, being in the water at night, as the sun fades away, while the calm evening light takes over and charms the surrounding landscape.

The fishing tour begins at the wharf where dozens of fishing and tourism boats were anchored there. As the boat slowly makes its way to the waters, cool breeze greets the passengers as they gaze at Duong Dong Town, centre of Phu Quoc Island, becoming more visible from a new angle. From the boat, an undeniably beautiful view of the sunset emerges. Electric lights from shops were coming on at Dinh Cau Night Market, are powered one by one to prepare for a busy night.

Dinh Cau Temple, which stands on the top of rough cliffs, will appear as if it was protruding into the sea and it soon became the only spot on land visible to the eyes. When the captain has picked a lucky spot to fish, he drops his anchor for the main event. Lights will be turned on, including white neons surrounding the deck, to attract the fish and squid, the same way as moths will be attracted to a flame.

There would be other boats from certain distances, others also out to make some good catch, while others are well-lit for some boat parties, playing loud, lively music. Though away from the bustle on the land, the waters itself, the lights from the boats and the eager tourists create a different energy on the sea.

There are tricks to lure the water creatures. Lifting the line with bait up and down so the hooks will float midway to the sea bed attract the squids. Others who are lucky enough to make some catch can show off their fish or squid, while other tourists take turns taking pictures with it. What’s best about it is that they can ask the boat crew to cook their fresh catch for them. Most of the boats serve meals on board. They serve fresh fish, squid and sea urchin (nhum, also known as nhim bien or cau gai).

Fishing tour in Phu Quoc is an excellent choice whether you’re traveling alone or with family or friends, as it provides an interesting activity to enjoy together or make new acquaintances with locals and other visitors.