Exploring the Corners of Tre Island

Despite the popularity of the beauty of Mekong destinations, many of its islands remain untouched. A cruise in the waters of Kien Giang province will never be disappointing. Scene after scene, the allure of nature unveils. Today, let me take you to a hidden beauty that is known as Tre Island.

In its entirety, the island is adorned with magnificent mountains, very inviting rocky beaches and interesting coves. Its rugged and wild beauty carries a different allure that is difficult to ignore. But the island hold much more wonders if you give it a chance to show you its splendor. Exploring the 12-kilometer long road that circles the island is best done with a motorcycle. Though vehicles are possible, it doesn’t offer the opportunity to savor fresh air and experience a different kind of adventure.

A 15-minute bicycle ride from the wharf will easily bring you to the Ong Nam Hai Temple. This is no ordinary temple. Dedicated to a five-ton whale believed to have kept many fisherman safe at sea and blessed them with good fortune, Ong Nam Hai, or the Whale was beached on the island in 2006 and it is in that very shrine where his skeletons are rested and worshipped by believers. And don’t think of just a handful of worshippers. In Vietnam's fishing culture, whales are considered sacred. When you arrive here in time of the Whale Festival, you surely would be amazed on the thousands of people who come from long distances just to pay respects to the large mammal.

If you continue to along the road from the temple, you will take yourself to one wonderful beach after the other. Nearest to it is the Dua Beach (also known as the Ha Ba Tail or Sea God). It would be very hard to contain the tempting clear waters and the endless subtle waves that call on every visitor to swim. If you want something diverse, you can opt to fish from its waters.

You may think you have reached the most serene part of the island. But when you explore further ahead and get to Chen (Bowl) Beach, you will again be amazed beyond your expectations. Many would say that this is the most scenic spot on the entire islet. But no matter how famous, it is so kept to its pure state. Its wildness bring both enchantment and unmistakable serenity that is difficult to experience elsewhere. Here, you can take time and watch nature as it is. Appreciate the beauty of numerous large and small rocks on its seascape. They play peek-a-boo with the waves move about. They submerge during high tide and shows up proud as the waters recede. For many, they resemble overturned bowls beautifully and naturally lined to please any viewer willing to stop by and notice.

Tre Island has more to show you. But if you are pressed for time, you should never miss coming to Dong Dua, a small bay laid with coconut palm trees. It is one of the best places to go for a swim. But adventurous spirits can let themselves go and fee their search for thrill. Local guides will accompany the more physical travelers to a breathtaking mountain climb. On the way up, you get to take advantage of fresh fruits found growing on trees and greeneries you pass by. Indeed, 400 meters may be a great challenge. But the panoramic view from atop makes everything worth it.