Deluxe Cruise Options To Explore Mekong Delta

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Mekong Delta is one, if not the most, important, tourist spots of Vietnam because of its fantastic view. Tourists usually tour it by boat which abound in the area and can be rented at a low rate. It can get pretty crowded though. So if you want some privacy and quiet and money is not an issue, several cruise ships are available which provide an elegant experience of the majestic waters.

Mekong Princess and Avalon Siem Reap are five-star cruise fleets which offer top-of-the-line service and amenities while going around Mekong River. Owned by Viet Princess Cruises Limited, it provides an eight-day, seven-night tour from Saigon to Siem Reap for $5,000 which includes a suite good for two persons, fine dining, recreational activities and visits at the wharfs along the river.

Mekong Princess was designed with a 61.5 metres length and 9.5 metres width with two 480-horsepower chief engines. It is equipped with state-of-the-art materials whose construction was closely overseen by Vietnam Register and officials from international shipping and chartering companies. Avalon Siem Reap was chartered by Avalon Waterways, the major river cruise firm in the United States, for five years at a 40 – 52 week duration per year.

Both lines stand apart from other five-star ships in that they give a genuine high-end cruise experience of Mekong River. While other voyagers are usually jampacked with people and overcharge for their services, Mekong Princess and Avalon Siem Reap limit their passengers to provide a quiet and therefore more personal and meaningful experience of the mighty river. Moreover, they are more affordable considering the top-grade service they offer to their clients.    

Currently, Viet Princess Cruises Limited, the owner of Mekong Princess, also launched the Saigon Princess, a cruise line which particularly provides a deluxe dining service while touring the Saigon River. It departs early evening from Dragon Wharf and travels to Thanh Da-Binh Quoi Peninsula.  

At present, there are around five to six cruise lines with about ten ships in all which explore Mekong River. Their pick up locations are situated along the river, at the provinces of My Tho and Tien Giang and their destination is to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Mekong River is a vital part of Vietnam’s tourism and history and culture as a whole because of its naturally breathtaking sight, making it a world-class tourist destination all over the world. Foreign investors have been confident in pouring their capital into this sector of Vietnam because of its increasing revenue over time. Because of this, the government has been putting in a monumental effort into its river tourism to continue its progress while maintaining the natural state of the area.