A Look at Viet Hai and its Tourism Potential

A small ethnic village sits in the towering limestone structures of Ha Long Bay - - - a little place known as Viet Hai Village in Cat Ba District, Hai Phong City.

There, life is simple. Less than 80 households and just around 200 people live in small houses made of bamboo, wood, leaves and earthen walls. Viet Hai, in fact, is a fishing and farming village, where the people are sincere, simple minded and very hospitable. But this little village in a valley in the heart of Cat Ba National Park, no matter how it’s not at all a popular geographic name in Hai Phong, will surprise any tourist with the real gifts of nature of which it holds.

With the discovery of all the wonders cradled by this little town, it is becoming an important destination in most Cat Ba Tours. Perhaps apart from its untouched state, the friendly village people who are always eager to welcome visitors is one of its most attractive features as a tourist point. Now, authorities themselves recognize the strong potential of Viet Hai as tourism village that could grow into something really big in the near future.

To maximize all possibilities and to make way for all developments available, a tourism-oriented economic development policy was implemented by the High Command of Border Guard. Such policy aims to help the locals improve the economy and ensure national security in the border and island communes and takes effect this year through 2015. Projects on building livestock farms to raise boars, porcupines, civets and gecko, erecting fishing cages, planting food crops and medicinal herbs, developing cultural, sporting and tourism products, persuading local villagers to build truly Vietnamese traditional houses and to accommodate tourists are among the many targets lined up for the development plan, of which, the Border Guard will be working with the local villagers in implementing.

Officers and soldiers are sent to the village to guide its people in cultivating the lands and teach methods to better keep their farms. They were also taught English and first aids techniques. When all trainings are successful, the village will be able to work as a tour guide and an accommodation host.

At present, Viet Hai is already known as a quick getaway to switch into a new atmospheric ambience. It captures attentions by the precious retained hundreds-year traditional cultural values of Cat Ba. If tourists are stuck a little late in the village, they can stay overnight in a simple and guest house at very reasonable prices. It is where they will experience the most of its villagers’ hospitality. Apart from the friendly and very welcome treatment, tourists get a chance to be served with special local cuisine seafood by the locals. With further work on its advancement, the village will be attracting more visitors in the near future.