Help Making Dreams Come True

For the past thirty years, Vietnam's economy has been growing at a steady pace. The Vietnamese youth is among the most motivated and eager people in the world, ever-willing to take on challenges with enthusiasm and pride. However, many of them are still unable to achieve their dreams due to lack of opportunities as many parts of the country are still underdeveloped and are facing poverty.

Many of its towns and villages lack schools, kindergartens and medical facilities - basic institutions which people in the Western society have quick access to and whose necessities to their daily lives may have been just taken for granted. For many people in Vietnam, having these necessities would make a huge difference in their lives. We at want to help improve their situation.

Our Commitment

We believe in Vietnam's youth and intend to change their lives by helping them realize their dreams. Therefore, decided to become actively engaged in supporting charity projects in the country dedicated to a variety of purposes.

We will donate a predefined amount of our hotel booking revenues to several charities in Vietnam.

Our Partners


Saigon Children's Charity
(January 2013 - now)