Yellow Flower (Hoa Vàng)

The Yellow Flower Restaurant (in Vietnamese Hoa Vàng) is located at the riverside on Bach Dang Street. It is a genuine Vietnamese place with simple decoration, good food. Dishes like "cá kho tộ" (Fish Simmered in Caramel Sauce), Chả giò (Spring Rolls) or local local specialties of Hoi An like cao lau, mi quang (Quang Nam noodle), com ga (chicken rice), banh dap (beaten baked cakes), banh bao, and banh vac (also called white rose cakes) are offered in a cozy atmosphere.

The restaurant has also followed a new trend that is emerging allows visitors to learn how to make these dishes themselves. Yellow Flower Restaurant has begun to offer regular cooking classes on requests of customers. There you can learn to cook special dishes like spring rolls, steamed shrimp in coconut, and baked fish in banana leaves etc. It is a fun way to spend valuable time in the town, interact with residents and go further into culinary exploration than just eating at various restaurants and trying out new dishes.