Thung Nai – The Valley of the deer

Today I am with you in the area of Hanoi again a bit off the usual tourist routes on the go. The community Thung Nai is located about 100 kilometers south-west of the capital, and about 25 kilometers from the provincial capital of Hoa Binh. As there in the 1980s with Soviet assistance the hydroelectric plant was built, the Black River flooded the valley. There was a several mile long reservoir. The summit of some hills now look as small or larger islands out of the water.

In Thung Nai you can rent a boat, go out on the lake and visit some villages located near the shore. About 80 percent of the region’s population are members of the minority of Mường. On the largest island, the coconut island, there is a restaurant serving a local specialty baked over wood fire fish from the lake.

If you leave early in the morning in Hanoi, the tour is quite feasible as a day trip. There is even time on the way there or the way back to visit hydropower plant. For all who would like to stay longer provide the hospitable Mường in the villages Bản Mu and Bản Mỗ in their pile houses overnight opportunities for visitors.

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