The Monastery Tây Thiên


The Zen monastery Tây Thiên is located in the district of Tam Đảo province Vinh Phuc Province, about 85 kilometers northwest of the center of Hanoi in a beautiful landscape, which is surmounted by the three mountains Thach Ban Sunglasses (1.388m), Thiên Thị (1.375m) and Phu Nghĩa (1.400m). Together with the monasteries in Da Lat and Tay Yen Tu, Thiên is one of the three largest Buddhist monasteries in Vietnam. The monastery was inaugurated after 15 months of construction on 25 November 2005. It was built on a historic site. In the 3rd century it is said that there was a monk meditating, named Khương Tăng Hoi, and there he had built the first temple. Therefore, the region is also known as the cradle of Buddhism in Vietnam.





In the main hall up to 600 worshipers can meditate or listen to lectures at the same time. Visitors will be catered by the monks with vegetarian food. In the 40 guest rooms a one or two week stay for the Study of Buddhism is possible and the use of the extensive library is free.

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