The colors of spring


It seems as if the spring has decided to return to Hanoi. After it was already nearly 30 degrees in mid-February, March proved to be quite a disappointment, as it was quite cool and rainy with just over or just below 20 degrees. But now it is finally getting warmer and spring even seems to have summer in tow. For next weekend more than 30 degrees are forecast.

Red is the dominant color in the villages and on the roads around Hanoi, when the Bombax trees are blooming. In German this tree is called Seidenwollbaum, and the beautiful red blossoms are called Hoa Gao (rice flowers).

On the website of Vietnam Express, there is a photo series about the blooming trees: Hà Nội mùa hoa gạo

I’m not an expert in botany and, unfortunately, do not know much about these trees. Also on Wikipedia there is only a short entry. I just enjoy the amazing flowers, which are here a symbol for spring.

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WOW! what a beautiful place and also very nice flowers

Danyell Munt

You got a really outstanding website, Glad I noticed it by way of yahoo.

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