Day 3 in Sapa: With a Red Dzao to Cat Cat and Sin Chai

May in Cat Cat
On my third day in Sapa a Red Dzao picked me up. Her name was May, she was 19 years old, already married and pregnant in the second month. Until shortly before the birth she wanted to lead tourists through the villages around Sapa. Red Dzaos can be recognized by the shaved off front hair […]
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Day 2 in Sapa: 12 km walk to Lao Chai and Ta Van

Das 2. Mädchen von rechts ist mein Tour Guide Lan
I booked the next tour at my hotel. 12 USD for a full day hike, including entrance fees to the villages, lunch and a minibus that brings me back to the hotel at the end of the day. I was the only one who had booked the tour on that day, which had the advantage […]
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Day 1 in Sapa: Dense fog covers the mountain village

I took the night bus from Hanoi to Sapa, together with some 30 Vietnamese, 12 hours. Left and right of the corridor stood each two daybeds that somewhat reminded me of dental chairs. After all “beds” were reserved, the remaining passengers took a seat on a small mattress on the floor. So I lay next […]
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