International Women’s Day

In celebration of today’s International Women’s Day, here is a song of the very talented, aspiring singer Cát Lê Trong Ly. She is 22 years old and, until recently, has worked in a coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh City. The song’s title, Là con Gái Thật tuyệt, means: It is great to be a […]
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A Honda for the Ancestors

Tomorrow is the first full moon in the Year of the Tiger. On the 15th day of the first lunar month, traditionally the New Year’s celebrations come to an end. Once again, lots of people will gather in temples and pagodas to pray for a happy and successful year. This day people also commemorate their […]
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Far from mass tourism

The Con Dao archipelago lies in the South China Sea, about 185 kilometers from the town of Vung Tau. It consists of the main island Con Son, where Cỏ Ong airport is, and the main town, also called Con Dao, as well as 15 other small islands and even smaller islets. The main livelihood of […]
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High Season for Tour Operators

The times they are a changin’! A few years ago it would have been unimaginable for most Vietnamese to spend the New Year Tết somewhere else in the privacy of their home. But the festival is traditionally celebrated in the family circle, and serves primarily to honor the ancestors who are symbolically invited the evening […]
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Preparation for Tết Festival

The New Year Festival (Tết ) is actually celebrated to welcome the spring time. At the moment, it looks more like summer. This afternoon, it has been raining a bit, but for the next day weather promised us good weather with plenty of sun. The temperature will reach nearly 30 degrees Celsius. For this time […]
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The lunar New Year is coming (Tết ơi, Tết sắp đến rồi!!!!!)

Yet another year is almost over. Preparations for the (Lunar) New Year are already running at full speed. Tết, the lunar New Year Festival, is by far the most important festival in Vietnam. It is, to compare with German holidays, like Christmas, New Year, Easter and Whitsunday together in one holiday season. During the last […]
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Hue Festival: remember festival 2008, next one June 2010

Royal night at Hue festival 2008 (Photo Pries)
Since 2000 Hue has started a quite successful cultural festival every two years. The next biannual Huế festival will be held from June 5-13, 2010. This is a meanwhile renowned national tourism and culture event. We still remember attending the festival in 2008, which is quite impressive and well-selected. Our absolute highlight was the Royal […]
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Walking tour to the Citadel of Huế

The Royal Theatre inside the Hue's citadel (Duyệt Thị Đường )
This is a tour we took from our hotel Morin, on the other side of the Perfume River. This pleasant 4-hour walk is marked on the map. The walk starts with the crossing of the Perfume River over the Truong Tien Bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn left to stroll along the river […]
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