Phu Quoc Island – a little paradise

Cua Can Beach in the northwest of the island
At the end of our trip we visited for five days Phu Quoc Island. Besides the possibility to reach the island with charter boats , you have a good chance to get cheap flights from Sài Gòn when you plan early enough. As you can see on the photo, you will be transported together with […]
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Sài Gòn (Ho-Chi-Minh-City)

Restaurant recommendation in Ho-Chi-Minh-City
After our relaxing days in Mũi Né we set out to go to Sài Gòn by bus. The official name of Vietnam’s largest city, which was the capital of the Republic of Vietnam until 1975, is Ho-Chi-Minh-City (HCMC). Unfortunately, we could not stay more than two days in the city, which afterwards turned out to […]
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Mũi Né

Waterfall at the end of the Fairy stream
We took the “soft sleeper” bus from Hội An to Mũi Né. For about 26 dollars we were able to buy a ticket that can be used to go to Saigon without need to specify in advance how long and how many stops you make on your way south. You should only reserve places about […]
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