The sounds of Ca Tru – 1000 years of musical tradition

The tradition of Ca Trù, also named Hát Ả Đào or Hát Nói Ca Tru, dates back to the 11th Century. At that time, songs enjoyed great popularity at the royal court as well as among aristocrats and scholars. Attractive young female singers entertained men in a relaxed environment with their songs, based on literary […]
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Hát Tuồng Theater

Unlike the Hat Cheo, which is deeply rooted in the culture of Vietnam, the Hat Tuong theatre came from China in the 13th Century, after the Tran Dynasty (1225-1400) had repelled the Mongolians. Among the POWs, there was Lý Nguyên Cát, a master of the Chinese theater, who later received the Vietnamese citizenship and taught […]
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Da Nang Fireworks Competition 2009, Vietnam

Da Nang feuerwerk
Da Nang is no major tourist destination. Anyway, it’s worth visiting. We were there to visit my husbands’ family and friends, though we stayed at a hotel (Elegant Hotel). It’s located next to Han River, separated only by a broad street and some constructions at the river bank. Through one of our windows, directing to […]
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International Women’s Day

In celebration of today’s International Women’s Day, here is a song of the very talented, aspiring singer Cát Lê Trong Ly. She is 22 years old and, until recently, has worked in a coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh City. The song’s title, Là con Gái Thật tuyệt, means: It is great to be a […]
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A Honda for the Ancestors

Tomorrow is the first full moon in the Year of the Tiger. On the 15th day of the first lunar month, traditionally the New Year’s celebrations come to an end. Once again, lots of people will gather in temples and pagodas to pray for a happy and successful year. This day people also commemorate their […]
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