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Jackfruit (Quả Mít)

ptg 2013-06-25

Considered a delicacy by many, the Jackfruit (Quả Mít) is a native to Asia though known to originally come from India. It could have many shapes and sizes, but generally, they are oblong or pear shaped. A single jackfruit can grow up to 90 cm long and can weigh up to 44 kg.

Saigon Morin Hotel 2013-06-25

Built in 1901 by the French businessman Monsieur Morin, the Saigon Morin Hotel is one of the most traditional hotels in Vietnam and a part of the history of Hue city in the last 100 years. After suffering heavy damage by the typhoon of 1904, the Hotel was transferred into the hands of Mr. Guerin and...